Diabetic Boxer Muhammad Ali visited Falinge Park High School
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Muhammad Ali along with his manager Asad Shamim visited the Falinge Park High School on June 27 to inspire the young kids. He delivered a motivational speech and disclosed the struggle he did to achieve his professional license. The visit was arranged by the Mathematics teacher Fozia Najib. Ali first visited her P4, who engaged well with him. The reason behind the selection of P4 was that they followed Ali’s journey from the previous year, before he was awarded the license. They were seeking Ali’s visit right after he received his professional license. This news was a huge cheer for all of them.

The school seemed to be welcoming Ali with great applause. Muhammad Ali managed to deliver four assemblies to every year group. Ali inspired the young kids by sharing his personal story. He determined his strive for fulfilling his dreams. He spoke about hard work, commitment and resilience, and encouraged the students to focus on education as well. Ali also credited his own teachers by expressing their roles in his success. The school had a huge surprise for him as they had invited his PE Teacher, Mr Wystawnoha. The wife of Mr Wystawnoh is a dance teacher in the Falinge Park High School. Muhammad Ali also inspired a pupil who was previously boxing but left off. After the speech of Ali, he was keen to get back to boxing.

The school was thankful to the manager of Muhammad Ali, Asad Shamim, who was approached by the school for the arrangement of the visit. Asad Shamim was responsible in the success of this school visit by Muhammad Ali.