Muhammad Ali Becomes First UK Professional Boxer with Type One Diabetes
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Muhammad Ali of Rochdale has created history after getting the professional license and becoming the first UK boxer with Type 1 diabetes to do so. Ali first attempted to box at the professional level in 2015, but he was denied by the British Boxing Board of Control. The rules did not permit a person who has diabetes to achieve the license. Ali battled hard almost three years to get the license. He was finally awarded the license after his team managed to provide documents which proved that his disease does not affect his boxing ability.

The Rochdale Boxer is now happy that he is on his way to compete at the professional level, and he is highly thankful to his supporters. In an interview to MEN Sport, Ali said “I have been battling since 2015 for a license. It took around three years to convince BBBOfC.”

“It took time and hard work, but my manager and advisor Asad Shamim was always there to assist me. I am also thankful to Dr Ian Gallen for his continuous help.“

The decision by BBBOfC to grant license to Muhammad Ali opened doors for other sportspersons suffering from diabetes.

Muhammad Ali had a great start of his boxing career. He won the Haringey Boxing Cup in 2015. He was about to make his debut in 2015, but he was refusing to give the license by BBBOfC. This caused great frustration and devastation for Ali. He was heartbroken to find out that his hard work was in vain.

Ali faced a hard time after the refusal of a license. He had nothing to tell the people who asked about his career. The excitement in his house was lost, and his parents felt bad for him.

Asad Shamim, the current manager of Muhammad Ali, was a source of encouragement for him. He lifted his confidence when Ali decided to give up boxing and become a personal trainer. Asad Shamim offered help in the legal matters.

Asad Shamim encouraged Ali to work hard and show the BBBOfC why he should get his license. After some time, Ali started feeling confident about his professional career.

Ali was overjoyed after getting his license. He has his eyes on becoming the British Champion. Ali said, “I want to show the world why I deserved to get the professional license.”

Ali has already won by achieving the license. He has shown the world that if you don’t give up, you will accomplish your goals. Ali is excited to make his debut in the coming September, and turn his dreams into reality.