July 25, 2018

Muhammad Ali, First Diabetic Boxer to Be Granted Professional License

Muhammad Ali, a boxer from Rochdale has become the first boxer suffering from Type 1 diabetes to be granted the license from BBBOfC. The 24-year-old fought for many years to compete at the professional level. On May 9, 2018, Muhammad Ali Zahid was granted the license by British Boxing Board of Control. For the last ten years, the graduate of Edge Hill has faced several issues including Type 1 diabetes, which is a common disease in his family.

Type 1 diabetes is a disease occurring in the case of the inability of the body to produce insulin. Insulin is an important hormone which controls the amount of sugar within the body. Regular production of insulin is necessary either through an insulin pump or through injection.

According to Ali, he is the first British boxer who has managed to get the professional boxing license by BBBOfC. Ali was refused by BBBOfC to get the license in 2015. However, Ali was helped by his manager Asad Shamim, and his diabetes consultant Dr Ian Gallen. With their consistent support, Muhammad Ali created history by achieving the professional license.

Ali is confident to make his country proud by entering the boxing arena, and becoming the British Champion.