A positive mindset equals positive results

As someone with Type 1 diabetes, it’s very important to keep a positive mindset. And having a goal in mind helps me to stay focussed and on track and to feel positive about the journey to get there.

On a daily basis, I remind myself of a lifetime goal I have set. I want to become the first World Champion living with diabetes. In order to do this, I have to keep good control of my diabetes which will support my physical and mental growth. I also want to reduce my HbA1c further.

My mental and physical drive to achieve is to be healthy. And to be healthy, I have to seek the right support from my consultants and advisors. Anything is achievable in life if you put your mind towards the goal.

Here are some ways I keep a positive mindset.

1. Eye on the prize

I have created history once by becoming the first British professional boxer living with diabetes. I want to create history again by becoming the first World Champion with Type 1. Many people who live with diabetes recognise me across social media and I receive daily messages asking how I do boxing as someone with diabetes. This gives me motivation to show others living with diabetes that if you control your condition anything is achievable.

2. Best piece of advice on how to stay positive

Keeping my sugar levels in control allows my mind and body to be positive. If my sugar levels are in control, I can compete as a boxer at a higher level because my body is healthy. If my sugar levels are not controlled properly, I feel very slow and lethargic. So to perform, I need to keep a close eye on my sugar levels. I’m lucky to be using the FreeStyle Libre 2 system, which indicates to me if my sugar levels are staying within range or going out of range, thanks to the alarms◊.

3. Information and support – a winning combination

I keep a healthy diet and do regular exercise. I also regularly read about diabetes, checking up on diets I can follow to keep energised in my daily routine.

I speak to my family members or friends to overcome challenges. I also speak with my consultants regularly to keep on top of my health; they guide me in the right direction so I can keep managing my diabetes well.

4. Importance of rewards

I really enjoy a good healthy meal. If my sugar levels are in control and my boxing training is going well, I occasionally treat myself to a meal at a restaurant. I’m also a big fan of watches and clothes. It’s important to celebrate achievements. That helps keep us on track towards our goal.

5. An empowering message

I believe that diabetes is a condition, not an illness; I’m just like any other ordinary person. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass by, but learning to weather the storm. One day I’d love to say I lived by diabetes – once my boxing career is finished, I would love to tell people that I didn’t use diabetes as an excuse to stop me achieving my dreams.

6. One piece of advice

If someone is struggling, they shouldn’t be afraid or shy to ask for advice or help. Hurdles can be overcome. We all have struggles in life, this is for sure, but it’s how we approach the troubles that matter. It’s very important we seek the correct advice to overcome difficulties. Professionals are there to support us and point us in the right direction so it’s very important we seek help from them.

7. Support from diabetes technology

I have been helped massively by the FreeStyle Libre system; it helps me to manage my sugar levels anytime‡, anywhere₸ without pricking my fingers†. Also the FreeStyle Libre 2 system has helped me control my sugar levels much better with the alarms◊. If my sugar levels go above or below range, the high or low glucose alarms let me know – so I can take action early.

When my sugar levels are stable, I am very stable mentally and can train physically in the gym without any concerns. For me personally the FreeStyle Libre system has been a life changer which has helped me to achieve my goals and more.

Muhammad Ali is a FreeStyle Libre ambassador. He tweets @MuhammadAliBox and you can follow him on Instagram @muhammaddkali

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I made boxing history on 9th May 2018 after becoming World’s first type1 diabetic to be granted a professional licence by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBOfC). I am an ambassador for Diabetes UK, JDRF, IDF and on track to become world champion in the near future.



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